Sometimes as individuals we get so excited about a new found adventure and we begin to feel motivated and then we start to motivate those around us. This was exactly what happened to me when I found minimalism. I mean I was so committed to getting rid of all the extra stuff we had around […]


As my wife and I began this journey into minimalism a while back, we were so surprised to see a very spiritual connection between minimalism and the gospel. One of the things that stood out to me about minimalism was the rediscovering of what some would call true or ancient happiness. In other words, what […]

When Christmas comes around there are two kinds of persons. Person number one are those that failed to get a gift for someone on time and thus run out to the store and chose the quickest fix and cheapest fix and then run home and wrap it up and they are ready to go. Person […]

Isn’t Christmas supposed to be a time of celebration with family and friends? This is a question I have asked myself over and over these past couple of days. I struggled with these same thoughts last year around this same time and I really thought that those struggles were left behind last year. Yet I […]

“All my possessions for a moment of time” Those were the last words uttered on this earth by the late Elizabeth I, Queen of England on her deathbed. There is a saying that says, “Don’t wait until it’s too late”. My how this saying has much weight to it. Whatever the case may be in […]

A few years ago, my wife’s uncle passed away. Though the time has passed quickly, one thing remains in my mind and that is that the day he passed I thought about everything he left behind. He didn’t take his car, his clothes, his house, not even his own body. I am a firm believer […]

We have all fallen victims to this theft that I am about to describe. Maybe you are a victim as you read this post, maybe you experienced this in the past and are now aware of the tactics used in this theft. Well what I am talking about today is a little thing called TIME. […]

Isn’t funny that on Sunday many of us have our whole week planned, and by the time we are done with task number two on our list it’s Friday! My how the days are passing by so quickly. I for one am a firm believer on what the Bible says: “And except those days should […]

So for almost one full month we have been living at my parents’ home. My wife and my two kids, all anxiously waiting for our new home to be ready. We have been on total renovation mode and are half way to the finish line. (I will be posting some updated pictures soon.) What is […]

My wife and I always love to looks for things that inspire us and now especially as we have begun our journey as minimalist. Our faith has to do a lot with our inspiration and using the tool of minimalism has given that journey a better and more profound meaning. Below is a list of […]

In this article I would love to share something that was written 2 years ago concerning the use of iPad’s with children. Now 2 years have passed since this article was written, but the effects of the problem I think are even greater today than 2 years ago. All my childhood memories have been saturated with […]

There are a lot of things that I have seen minimalist struggle with after they have decluttered their homes from the excessiveness that surrounds them. And that is that their minds continue to be filled with clutter that continues to affect them. There is an emotion that comes along with the action of decluttering. That […]